Learn To Play Electric Guitar

Hi everyone,

I’ve set up this website as a helper for anyone who is looking to learn to play electric guitar and is looking for some guidance along the way.

Inside, you’ll find that I’ve compiled numerous tips, tricks and advice designed to help you progress through these beginners electric guitar lessons at a good speed.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be able to learn to play electric guitar with some of the best learn to play guitar courses out there, and before you know it you’ll be able to pick out loads of chords and songs – & ultimately enjoy and gain more satisfaction from your instrument!

First of all, I’ve outlined some of the basics you’ll need before you start to learn to play electric guitar.

The following items are essential to your learning:

1.) Most obviously, you’re going to need an actual electric guitar to start learning with.

I personally recommend visiting your local music store – rather than buying online – and seeing what they have on offer.You’ll get better advice about which guitar will suit your style, plus you’ll physically get to try it out – which is always a good idea!

2. ) Most electric guitarists at some point along the road will choose to play with a pick (which can also be referred to as a “plectrum”). These only cost a few cents and should last you quite a while – so if you’re going to the shop go pick up a few of these too.

3. ) There’s nothing worse than learning to play a song, and then trying to play it in a band or with a group of friends and realising your completely off timing. Thankfully there is a piece of kit which has been designed to curb this trend – It’s called a metronome. Although not essential at the beginning, a metronome will definately be a good addition to your gear later down the path. So keep your eye out for a good deal – or put it on your wishlist.

4. ) Once you’ve got the basics down, you’re going to need some professional tuition to boost your confidence. There’s no doubt about it, most pro guitarists didn’t get to where they are today by learning to play electric guitar on there own. Fortunately, these days you can start to learn to play electric guitar for almost next to nothing.

As you read through the articles on this site you’ll find that I’ve gone and hand-picked  some of the best courses currently available online and, I’ve only decided to include the ones I really recommend! So you can be sure that whatever choice you make, it’ll definately help you along on your guitar learning journey.

Here’s a great all round electric guitar course if you are looking to get started right away:

Ben Edward’s Jamorama Guitar Course

It’s a really fantastic site that has obviously had a lot of thought and effort put into it to make it the best learn to play electric guitar course currently available online. There’s a massive amount of videos and audio Jam tracks included, plus a whole bunch of top-notch additional training material.

Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide

Are you ready to learn guitar,and get results fast, regardless of your current skill level!

If your answer to the above question is yes, then I strongly recommend that you check out Jamorama – The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit.

This is an absolutely brilliant beginner to intermediate guitar course which includes over 12 months of material allowing you to progress from “I don’t know where my fingers go” to “How did I get so good?” advanced guitar playing. Click here to go check it out now!