Best Learn To Play Guitar Courses

The following product has received countless great reviews from around the web and has been chosen as our best overall guitar course. VERY highly recommended indeed.

Learn to play guitar with Jamorama

Learn to Play Guitar with Jamorama

Best Overall Learn Electric Guitar Course -  Jamorama

Average User Rating:Rating 5

If you’re serious about learning guitar, then I strongly recommend that you check out the Jamorama guitar course. The course contains over 40 chapters of lessons plus 12 months worth of pure guitar learning material. This really is a complete all in one guitar learning method, which’ll help keep you motivated to becoming the absolute best guitarist you can be!

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These other guides are also VERY good and worth checking out. I’ve looked at hundreds of  courses & guides over the years which claim to help you learn guitar (a lot of them…honestly…, were not worth the time it took me to read them through) so below I’ve thrown out the chaff and simply provided the best of the best:

Best In Acoustic Course

Best Acoustic Guitar Course – Jamorama Acoustic
Average User Rating:
Rating 5

This Jamorama course is very similar to the version that received 5 stars above, so you can rest assured that this is also top-notch quality. The main difference between this version and the Jamorama course above is that it is mainly for acoustic guitarists. Includes a great set of instructional videos and jam tracks to boot. Definately worth a look.
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Best Blues Guitar Guide

Best Blues Guitar Guide – Playing Through The Blues
Average User Rating:
Rating 5

This guide just blew the competition away by being one of the best guides to learning blues guitar I’ve ever seen for this price range. The guide goes in-depth into teaching you how to play blues guitar and create amazing guitar solos along the way. No great blues guitar technique is left un-explained either. Learn, Hammer-ons, Pull-offs, Blues bends, Pinch harmonics and more!

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Best Guitar Scale Guide

Best Guitar Scale guide – Guitar Scale Mastery By Craig Bassett
Average Use r Rating:Rating 5

This top-notch guitar scale guide has been written to help you improve your knowledge of scale positions and then helps you use that knowledge to produce killer solos. Instead of simply giving you a list of scales and telling you to learn them. Guitar Scale Mastery goes into great detail about how to really hear them, visualize them, play them, understand them and actually use them in songs!

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Best Additional Extra

Best Additional Extra : Pure Pitch by Ryan Cameron
Average User Rating:
Rating 5

Although I recommend investing in yourself with one or more of the recommended products above first!. I also thought that some of you may be interested in this absolute pitch & relative pitch ear training method. So I’ve included it within the list. I suggest you visit this site but don’t invest right away – unless you have a few extra dollars laying around. Bookmark this page so you can go back to checking it out later.

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