Guitar Fretboard Notes Chart

Ever find yourself stuck trying to find some notes on the guitar fretboard, or wondered what the guitar fretboard notes would look like if you were to write them down as musical notation?master-guitar-notes

Well have no fear! PlayingElectricGuitar has come to the rescue with this printable guide based upon a 21 fret electric guitar. This guitar fretboard guide will take you from knowing absolutely no notes on the fretboard, to having access to them all.

All the guitar fretboard notes have been included and are demonstrated both on the actual neck of the guitar and how they would look on the musical stave. All you have to do is memorise them!

If you are interested in learning how to memorize the guitar fretboard, as I know some of you are, I’ve made the effort to try and find a decent guide that covers this subject. After not finding much of note, I stumbled across Guitar Note Mastery. Basically it’s a great fretboard memory tool, and should really come in handy with this part of the learning curve.

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Ok, so you should now find the “guitar fretboard notes” chart below. To print it out I recommend saving the image to a word document and printing from there. You could then stick it up on your wall and have visible everytime you sit down to practice!

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Guitar Fretboard Chart (c)

By using this fretboard guide you’ll be able to work through all of the notes on the guitar. There are obviously guitars which are built with more than 21 frets i.e guitars with 22 frets and even 24 frets. I’ve only included all the notes up to fret 21, but I’m pretty confident you’ll be able to figure out the remainder of the notes. Basically it’s the same pattern that repeats up the fretboard.

To help you out with learning the guitar fretboard notes I’ve outlined a practice routine below. The most important thing to note is that you take it slowly, and learn the notes in small chunks. Good luck!

1) Firstly make sure your guitar is in tune.

2) Choose to learn either all the notes on 1 string up to the 12th fret, or all the notes on the first fret of each string.

3) Play slowly, use alternate picking, and make sure each note rings clearly.

4) Once you get used to where the notes are on one or two strings, you should begin to see patterns emerging which will make learning the guitar fretboard notes even easier.

5) Finally, don’t rush through once you think you’ve got the notes remembered. Take time to go back over the notes you learned the previous day before you start to learn anymore.

6) Now you can start to use the notes that you’ve learned to try and make a melody. Try and name the notes as you play them, as this will help to re-enforce them in your mind.

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