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Reviewer: Steve Beckley
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There really is no way around it, scales are important and that’s that.
In fact in order to become a properly good lead guitarist I’d have to say that learning your scales is essential.Recommended Guitar Scale Mastery

You may know someone who can play lead guitar really well, right?, and they can solo without missing a beat. They’re really annoying because there just so good!?

Well allow me to let you in on a little secret they may be keeping from you. The reason most lead guitarists are so good at what they do is actually really simple. They learn scales!

These people know exactly what the scale sounds like in there ears and most of them can actually visualize all the notes within that scale on the guitar’s fretboard. You can probably bet they know what the next note they’re going to play is. The really good ones actually know what that note is going to sound like, before they even play it.

Here’s the good news -  I’ve hunted around, & found a guide that can teach you how to be as good…If Not Better!

The product I’ve found, which I feel is excellent at teaching you the scales & more is – Guitar Scales Mastery by Craig Bassett.

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Basically, Guitar Scale Mastery is great tool for teaching you all types of different guitar scales, & allowing you to learn them as well as possible. One thing to also note is that Guitar Scale Mastery has been created as an instantly downloadable product, which essentially allows you to get started about 5 minutes after purchasing! and that’s never a bad thing.

Once you’ve download your Guitar Scale Mastery Files and started reading through them you’ll start to see that actually Craig has done a really good job of making the process of learning scales pretty simple.

  • He shows you exactly which scales are important to learn, which is great, because we all know that the amount of scales around can sometimes be overwhelming.
  • He Shows you how to make real music with the scales rather than just running up and down them like a yo-yo
  • He presents you with a way of visualizing the entire guitar fretboard, so you can play more fluidly.
  • He gives to tips and tricks to allow you to play the scales by ear.
  • Plus – After reading through all the excercises you’ll be able to see the scales as notes rather than patterns.
    Allowing you to improvise solos like a pro.

I genuinely think that this guide really deserves my highest recommendation, and if you’re looking to get a guide which makes learning scales faster and easier then look no further. Guitar Scale Mastery is the guide you should get!

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