Jamorama Review

Reviewer: Steve Beckley
Rating: Rating 5
Website Reviewed:  Jamorama – The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit

Jamorama Review

This guitar learning course really is an excellent introduction to learning to play the guitar. It’s physical_image_learn_guitarabsolutely perfect for you if you’re a beginner and just starting out, but it’s definately also useful for the intermediate guitarist.

What I like best about this particular product as opposed to others I have had the pleasure (and sometime displeasure) of looking through, is that it’s a program that is really easy to follow. The content is explained in detail, and it’s split up into small chunks so you don’t get info overload.

The quality of the audio and video is great, and the graphics and layout are truly professional. The video lessons are packed with high quality content aswell. Leaving absolutely no stone unturned!

If you were to pick this course up today and simply practice a little bit of the material regularily, I’m pretty confident that you should develop really fast into a proficient guitarist.

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Back to our Jamorama review, and taking a look at what the course contains, you get plenty of bang for your buck – One 44 chapter guitar learning course with two Adobe reader style pdf ebooks. Both together totalling  over 250 + pages of material.  (I recommend you print these out so you can have them handy whenever you need).

But that’s not even the half of it.

You also get about 148 step-by-step video lessons, and 28 jam tracks to practice with.
Which, if were sold seperately, are probably worth the entire cost of this learning kit.

In this Jamorama review, I’ve tried to look for the achilles heal in this product so that I have something bad to say about it, but every time I try it just surprises me with more content and lessons.

So, alas, in my humble opinion, I’ve got to say that Jamorama is actually a very brilliant and user friendly course.  With it’s shed loads of easy to understand lessons bundled with all the the extra bonus material Ben Edwards and crew have thrown into to the mix, I think it’s an absolute bargain!

My Recommendation: Very Highly Recommended. Mostly Suited to Beginner guitarists, but also contains info that Intermediate players will really find useful.

My advice is that if you truly want to get on the road to becoming a really great guitarist, or even if you just want to learn faster or get more chops quicker, then this is the product that you should get.

Go check it out!


Click Here to Visit Jamorama – The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit