Playing Through The Blues Review

Reviewer: Steve Beckley
Rating: 4.5
Website Reviewed: Playing Through The Blues

Playing Through the Blues Review

When you’re starting out and just learning to play electric guitar one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated and make yourself really progress, is to invest in a course that helps you do these things.

playing-through-the-bluesOne such course that I’ve come accross recently that I really feel helps you with this is “Playing through the blues” by Griff Hamlin.

This course is excellent for those of you who are looking to expand your blues knowledge and solo repertoire.

The course covers all the major aspects of great blues playing and allows you to learn how to use the blues scale (in many different positions), to create brilliant melodies.

Playing through the blues is produced by professional guitarist Griff Hamlin, and takes the form of an e-book which contains a whole bunch of audio tracks and no less than an hour of no-nonsense video training taking you straight through each chapter in the book.

Testimonial from Griffs site:
Not only will this book teach you every HOT blues lick you have ever heard but it will give you the knowledge to move up and down just like the ‘pros.’ Combine that with the Jam Tracks this book is a must have! thanks!– Gary (USA)

Let’s take a quick look through all the content you’ll receive when you open up playing through the blues for the first time…
  • Blues Scale boxes
  • Blues chord progressions
  • Blues Rhythms
  • String Bending technique
  • Hammer on and pull-off techniques
  • Great Blues riffs
  • How to play blues using triplets
  • Griffs Secret to playing great blues
  • Blues scales spread across whole fret board
  • Plus – how to play blues in different Keys!
Just looking at the resources above you should know that by the time you work your way through the course you will have some really great sounding solos under your belt and a great base of blues knowledge to help you make the most out of playing .

Playing through the blues gives you the building blocks to creating your own solos on the fly so your can jam and improvise with the best of them.

The result of this super brief playing through the blues review is that, I highly recommend it to you if you’re looking to learn the basics or improve your knowledge of blues guitar. Go take a look for yourself to see if it suits you!

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